Benefits of CITYFARMS

Picture a shipping container cultivating year-round, pesticide-free greens that are not only healthy but also irresistibly delicious, from seed to harvest.

That's the reality at the Tulima CityFarms! We operate Freight Farms 40-foot shipping containers that are fully climate controlled hydroponic systems. Plants grow in nutrient rich water, allowing for 2.5-acres of production per container. Fully automated, pesticide-free, planet-friendly farming. This is the future of agriculture.

Fully Integrated

Automated, seed to harvest, freshness delivered straight to your table.

98% Less Water

No waste, 20L weekly use efficiency and recycling redefines sustainability. 

Solar Powered

Solar-powered, independent, sustainable—eases strain on the national power grid.

Pesticide Free

Completely safe—no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides applied at any time.

Equal to 2.5 Acres

Harvesting the equivalent of 2.5 acres in a box, around 4,000 lettuces monthly!

No Seasons

Climate control ensures year-round greens, with no seasonal constraints effortlessly.

Fully Mobile

Independent, portable, cultivating healthful food and sustainability anywhere. 

Top Nutrition

Year-round, fresh, safe, delicious produce—peak health and flavor retained.



Taking tech-savvy farming to the next level. Operators have full control of the growing climate and hydroponics, all automated through Farmhand Software